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Hornaday Chronicles

In June 2014, we purchased another rental property using a personalized “no money down” strategy. We purchased a foreclosed two bedroom condo located in the Charlestowne Square Condominium complex. The condo required a complete rehab and new appliances to make it move-in ready. The previous owner was a heavy smoker that smoked inside the condo creating a lingering odor that required a significant amount of work to eliminate the stale odor. We applied Kilz primer, used several defoggers, and cleaned the ductwork and A/C unit to get rid of the odor once and for all.

In July 2015 we purchased another rental property in Charlestowne Square Condominiums using our personalized “no money down” technique. A new tenant moved in on September 18th due to the excellent work of the property management company, Gate City Property Management (

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