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Students will return to in-person learning the weeks of February 22nd and March 1st.  Remote learners will follow the same bell schedule. 


1st Block

10:20 – 11:40

80 minutes

2nd Block

11:45 – 1:05

80 minutes

What time is Lunch?

1:05 – 1:30

25 minutes

5-minute class change

3rd Block

1:35 – 2:50

80 minutes

4th Block

2:55 – 4:15

80 minutes



Class rules & guidelines

Before any action in this class, always ask yourself: Is it safe? Is it kind? Is it helpful? How will it affect others? 

Before any talking in this class, always ask yourself: Is it appropriate? Is it relevant to what we are discussing? Is it true? Is it helpful?

Please respect all materials belonging to the class, yourself, and others. Everything has a cost and someone has paid for it.

If we occasionally need reminders, we will discuss these guidelines as a class. 

Favorite Sites for rocket science

  1. Space X -

  2. NASA -

  3. International Space Station Overview | NASA


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